Starting Weight Training

Weight training has become a popular sport to develop strength in the muscles for all ages. Both men and women find weight training a great way to increase strength. It is estimated that one in five women are now involved in some type of weight training.

Starting Your Weight Training Routine
Getting started is the biggest hurdle for most people and it takes some analysis to make sure the right routine is used. There is a great deal of information available on weight training. One can start on the Internet by finding numerous websites that provide information for the beginner. These websites many times will provide "how to" videos showing the correct way to start your training program. For some people, a well written book can layout a good routine for the beginner.

Types Of Equipment
Weight training will involve using weight bearing equipment such as dumbbells, barbells or machines that will use pulleys or cables to lift certain levels of weights. These pieces of equipment are easy to purchase and usually can be kept for use in the home.

As mentioned previously, the weight lifting routine can be developed for beginners then expanded to more advanced levels as time and strength progresses. A good starting point is the dumbbell arm lifting routine since it can be done easily and does not require a visit to the gym.

The dumbbell comes in different weights so the beginner can decide which is most comfortable. The exercise is for bicep strengthening and will contribute to building muscle. A good procedure is called the dumbbell curl with either sitting on an incline or standing while executing.

Find A Good Weight Trainer
Shoulder strengthening is also an important workout and can be achieved with barbells or the machines having pulleys. As progression is made at this level, it may be advantageous to visit the weight training recreation center that many communities now have and seek the advice of a trainer. The trainer will be able to modify your routine, if necessary.

Keep Injuries At Bay
As with any sport, weight lifting can have injuries if it is not done properly. That is why failure to execute the exercise properly is important. Good form is essential. Using the back for lifting instead of the legs may cause a problem. A warm up is also a good start before the routine. Stretching improves the flexibility which will prevent injury and it contributes to more strength and stamina. Any occurrence of pain should be heeded immediately and the weight training exercise should be stopped.

The success of weight training is determined by setting up a weight training routine and sticking to it. It is important to start slowly and add to the routine after the weight training strengthening becomes evident. Once the weight training becomes part of your routine, there should be a number of health benefits that become apparent.

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